1.6.0 - 10/02/15

  • Added guest idea support
  • Removed all plans, lifted account restrictions
  • Deprecated API v0
  • Deprecated API v1 - Admin endpoint
  • API improvements
  • Fix www being treated as an account
  • Add liquid snippets support to give theme designers a more DRY way to write templates
  • Added theme previews
  • Added idea referrals
  • Improved route handling to give theme developers the flexibility to put their forms on any page
  • Added email based authentication
  • Fixed an issue where CSS or JavaScript would not load via the proxy if the file was < 10kb
  • Fixes to CSS & JavaScript uploading with the correct content-type
  • Significantly speed up with image uploads
  • More image sizes are now available where the image size is contained on the larger axis
  • New liquid helper pluralize_without_count
  • New liquid helper to get an image at any size image_resize
  • Account owners can now disable comment and like emails
  • Improved the 404 page to inform people about sandbox mode
  • Start of branding changes.

1.5.2 - 27/11/14

  • Ideas API now responds with participant custom attributes

1.5.1 - 25/11/14

  • A new 404 page with updated branding and Sandbox mode help text

1.5.0 - 17/11/14

  • Likes no longer post to social by default
  • Participants have a new blocked attribute that defaults to false
  • Participants are no longer required to have an oauth token
  • Community’s now have support for SAML based authentication
  • Spaces now support session persistence configurable via the space settings
  • API now supports:
    • Listing all participants in a bucket
    • Getting a single participant by token or uid
    • Editing the following attributes of a participant:
      • email_address
      • profile_url
      • image_url
      • nickname
      • name
      • blocked

1.4.1 - 14/11/14

  • The Rusic logo has been updated to meet the new branding
  • The home page is now directed towards “campaigns”
  • Homepage features section updated to be clearer.

1.4.0 - 11/11/14

  • Start tracking versions publicly
  • JSON now supports filtering
  • Assets can now be proxied
  • Truncate liquid filter fixed
  • Slice liquid filter added
  • Fixed a bug where JSON requests made from mobile were not being handled as JSON
  • Ability to lookup a participant via JSON
  • Internal fixes and improvements

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