About the participant token

What is the participant token

Some endpoints on the Rusic API require you to provide a participant token. This is used by Rusic to authenticate a participant to be able to change their details such as nickname or email address and is also used to identify the participant that is performing an action such as creating an idea.

In other places in the API such as idea#index and idea#show providing the participant will return extra information such as liked which tells you if that participant has liked the idea yet.

Where can I find the participant token

As an API key holder you can retrive a participant token via the participant#index endpoint.

When you create a participant using the API this token is also returned.

How do I provide the participant token

Certain endpoints will accept or require a header key of X-Rusic-Participant-Token with the value set to the token that can be retrived on the participant#index endpoint under the key rusic_participant_token.

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